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Free Range Chicken - year round!

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After graduating from the University of Kentucky in 1992, Tim and Christy Pope started to build the family and farm that would become "Pope Family Farms". Six children and two thousand acres later, we are able to offer local, ASH-Free (antibiotic, steroid, and hormone free), all natural, grass-fed beef that is raised on organic pastures. Our 400-head herd of commercial cows and heifers are bred naturally to our premium, hand selected, registered bulls to create offspring naturally predisposition for heavy muscle growth. Thanks for visiting Pope Family Farms in Paris!

"Then the LORD God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it."

From our field, to your table. Home-cooked recipes by Mama Pope.

Fresh Beef

Pope Family Farms

964 Peacock Road

Paris, KY 40361

(859)-473-5122 call or text to make appointment


​Pasture Raised Pork - year round!

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  • Grass fed beef in Paris
  • Produce store will open July 2018!


Pope Family Farms in Paris

Pope Family Farms Grass Fed Beef

We offer premium, grass-fed, all natural, ASH-Free beef that is raised on organic pastures. Click below to learn more about our beef and order yours today.

Genesis 2:15

​Grass fed, all natural, ASH-free beef that is raised on our organic pastures- year round!

Located at 964 Peacock Road, Paris KY. Call/text (859)-473-5122 for appointment

Limited quantities available